About Mommy Evangelism

Mommy Evangelism is a ministry with the vision to change the world, one mommy at a time! I, Jenn Hoskins, am the mommy of 6 and a saved woman by the grace of my amazing Savior, whom I can do nothing without!  I am passionate about telling women how lucky they are to be in such a fruitful season of life, do not waste these days!  You will have more open doors to minister the Gospel when you have little ones than you will in an other season of life!  Living a life that declares the Gospel is my focus, through words, actions, deeds, parenting, being a wife, and truly everywhere I walk I should be declaring the Gospel.  I am on this journey too, to be a better child of God and to reach more people.  I want to help you learn from my (many) mistakes, the missed opportunities, missed years, unprioritized months, crazy adventures, major theological lessons and everything else I have learned the hard way so that you can run after the Cross without as many speed bumps!


You are a mom, you carry a special call in life, you are blessed!  You get to train your children to walk out a life of evangelism.  My motto is more is caught than taught.  Lets walk this journey out and see what major evangelists we can raise up in this next generation, they are watching!


Our goal at Mommy Evangelism is to train moms in anyway possible!


If you have general questions, are looking for help or advice or anything else that you would like to ask us please drop us a note! We look forward to hearing from you!


All emails can be sent to Mommyevangelism @ aol.com (no spaces). Have a blessed day!