Family First this Thanksgiving- Just say no to Black Friday on Thanksgiving day!

An ad crossed my Facebook feed today that lit a fire under me…. it was a ToysRUs ad about their black Friday deals… that start at 5PM on THANKSGIVING…. seriously?  That is a holiday!  A day where people should be with their families and stores should be closed.  Due to my outrage in how many companies are starting black Friday on Thanksgiving day this year, I would like to encourage you all NOT to shop on Thanksgiving.   Here are a few good reasons.

1-I know, this is a biggie and a weird, novel, NEW idea but hey, I think it is worth mentioning.  It is THANKSgiving!  A day to spend with family and friends and be thankful for what you HAVE, not what you NEED or worse yet…. WANT. Don’t let covetousness suck the joy out of this day! I know, that was a shocker, feel free to sit down and really wrap your head around that… a holiday with family and friends to be thankful for what God has blessed you with.  Apparently executives do NOT feel the same way.

2- Don’t feed the monster! They will open earlier and earlier each year if people go. You speak volumes with your money. Don’t spend it there.  Consumerism makes decisions based on consumer activity. The power is in your hands!

3-You are a mom and wife.  How would you feel if your husband had to leave before or during Thanksgiving to go and work? Or if you had to go and work? Or your children?  Perhaps you are already in this situation!  Don’t let the executives, who have this day off anyway, make decisions for the lower men on the totem pole who have no choice. Your lack of support is a voice that you can always use.

4-On Thanksgiving, some people HAVE to work.  Military, public service, etc. are required to work because of their positions.  Usually on skeleton crews, these people work hard and make sacrifices for us and our safety.  Retail is NOT in this category.  In fact… wait for it… retail is OPTIONAL everyday!   Of course, we need to go to the grocery store but most retail isn’t needed! Don’t believe me?  Go wander the mall.  America has blurred the lines of NEED and WANT. I can guarantee you have bought into this lie.  Don’t believe me?  Last time you said you have “no food” did you actually mean you just had no food you were in the mood for?  I am guilty as charged.  I go grocery shopping when I still have food in the cabinet.  We are spoiled by wants that look like needs… including Christmas presents.

5- Trust that God will provide greater deals through the holiday season. Black Friday may have good deals but no deal is worth compromising basic values of things that matter to God, like family. Good deals will come and go throughout Christmas season.  I can tell you that Legos almost always have better deals a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Keep watch on places like Amazon.  I always end up with a few last minute packages from them.

6-Here’s a big one…. hold on tight…. how about NOT buying into the commercialism of Christmas at all? How about instead of getting the *best new gadget of the year* you focus on a few little needs for gifts and a whole lot of Jesus?! I know… crazy idea but Christmas should be about CHRIST. Let’s talk about awesome organizations like Compassion International where you can spend money and help people around the world.

Please remember as we get closer to Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas what this season is all about.  It is not about toys, craziness or stress but it is about your family, your Creator and the birth of the greatest gift our world has ever received, Jesus.

Please contact the companies below to be a voice in the craziness.  Do not allow this to continue.  Just a simple letter of “I refuse to shop at a store that doesn’t value family no matter how good your sales are! sincerely, your name” is enough to be a voice.  And of course, keep your money in your pocket this Thanksgiving and instead love your family!

(I will add more as the ads with their hours become available)

If you want to support stores NOT open on Thanksgiving here is a list.  I will add more as they become available.  Watch them for great sales.

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Why we should avoid stores open on Thanksgiving day

Why we should avoid stores open on Thanksgiving day


  1. Christina says:

    Love this post! Thank you for unabashedly pointing out the ironies and hypocrisies of going ‘Black Friday’ shopping on Thanksgiving.

  2. EXCELLENT! I will be sharing this on FB!

  3. Amen! Excellently written!!!

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